Thursday, July 8, 2010

PCTC Week Three **UPDATE**

This weeks challenge is going to be prolonged to being due in 2 weeks (due Monday 19th). Anyone interested on catching up should take the chance to do so now, as it only gets harder from here!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Optional Tricks - Novice

If you would prefer to not teach a certain trick from any of the "Novice" tricks, here is a list of tricks that we will either not be doing, or will be doing in the future (I'm not telling which is which.. neener neener). And these are tricks from the book that qualify for the Novice trick title.

1. 3-2-1 Let's Go!
2. Beginning Disc Dog
3. Doggy Push-Ups
4. Drop it
5. Fetch
6. Get Your Leash
7. Hockey Goalie
8. Hoop Jump
9. Jump for Joy
10. Jump over a bar
11. Jumper over my knee
12. Peekaboo!
13. Pull on a rope
14. Speak
15. Take a Bow
16. Tunnel
17. Walk the Dog

For the trick challenge, please only video tape an optional trick for one that you are replacing. Please email me if you have any questions, or need clarification on any of the tricks. Thank you!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

PCTC Week Three

It's that time again! Those of you who were interested in the Novice Trick Title, you are already halfway there, with 8 outta 15 tricks done!

Week Three Tricks

1. Spin (either a left or right full circle)
2. Catch (a toy/treat in air)
3. Place (dog circles around to get into heel position on left side)
4. Kisses (on lips/face... or lips/face of another person)

HOMEWORK! I figure these tricks will be more about capturing behaviors, so these tricks won't be due for another week or two.

1. Speak
2. Kill It (shakes a toy)
3. Pull (c/t for tugging on toy)

Also, for those interested in a week or two or three you will need both a bar or stick (for dogs to jump over), and a hula hoop.

Have fun!
(And for those that have noticed I haven't uploaded my own pictures, my camera is in the shop and should be here by the end of the week!!!)

Monday, June 28, 2010

PCTC Week Two

This week for the PCTC we will be doing three tricks.

1. Back up
2. Crawl
3. Kennel (go to crate)

Thank you to everyone who participated last week! If anyone is interested, there is a Trick Title that goes along with one of the trick books I have. It takes 15 tricks to gain the Novice Title, and so far everyone that has participated has 5 tricks under their belt (and this week would add another week).

Due to late post, videos will be due end of day on Monday July 5th.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Positive Clicks Trick Challenge - Week One

The kickoff to the Positive Clicks Trick Challenge (PCTC) will begin with The Basics. Most people (and their dogs) joining will know these, but please bear in mind that everyone is new at some point, and a good start to training is the foundations.

You will have a week to complete tricks (unless otherwise stated), as well as for some tricks, a little homework will be given for future tricks.

Week One's Tricks are:
1. Come/Recall
2. Down
3. Shake Hands (left and right)
4. Sit
5. Stay

Videos are due in by end of Saturday 6/26/10.

**Comments or questions? Want to suggest a trick? Please email me directly at

Welcome to Positive Clicks

Positive Clicks is a group I am starting, where like-minded people interested in clicker and positive-reinforcement training can share tricks and other "useless commands" with one another. What are "useless commands" you ask? They are things we teach our dogs to do, all for the sole purpose of making us laugh, those things you don't mean to teach, but they learn anyways, and it's just so adorable you can't make them stop (like jumping on your head to show you their love).

A little about myself, I've owned dogs for almost 6 years. We dabble in agility, and would like to venture out some day and try our paws at rally-o, flyball, and just about everything that's out there you can do with your dog.

I own a 5.5 year old Miniature Schnauzer bitch (Kiba), a 4 year old Miniature Schnauzer dog (Stryder), a 1.5 year old Toy Poodle (Tsuki), and a 1.5 year old Miniature Poodle (Lincoln) - the poodles are not related, but the schnauzers are half-siblings.

Things you can find here at Positive Clicks:
- The training progress I have with my own dogs
- Our Positive Clicks Trick Challenge
- and Instruction Videos

So if you will, pull up a chair, get down in the dirt with the dogs, and have some fun!!!